Senior Care and Senior Share

At Indigo Hall we have proudly launched an innovative partnership with Connected Living, Inc. to further our commitment of person-centered engagement and exceptional experiences for all residents.

Connected Living has a unique technology platform, designed specifically for communities like ours.  With senior living at the core of this programming, there are four main assets that help to support our residents and families of Indigo Hall.

  • Digital Signage

Positioned throughout our campus, you will see digital screens highlighting our community information, beautifully displayed through the Connected Living platform.  We have three interactive monitors, as well as multiple static screens that rotate through content.  The digital signage allows residents to receive the most current and up-to-date information at all times! Residents and guests have the ability to learn about current community happenings with ease. Audiences can view photos, daily events, menu items, and so much more!  The interactive monitors are conveniently located in common areas to help maximize resident and family access to information.  Operated through a web-based administrator panel, we can update any information on the displays within minutes to easily convey changes in scheduling or announcements.

  • The Mobile App

The Connected Living Community app is a wonderful resource for members of our Indigo Hall family who are not always in the building with us.  Our community has a unique code that syncs directly to anything and everything Indigo Hall.  After syncing our community code to your Connected Living app, you are then granted access to our personal sharing platform.  The mobile app and the digital signage operate from the same system.  This means that all of the information you see from the mobile app, is live in our building as well, and vice versa. From the mobile app, friends and family are also able to become a part of our community.  From the palm of your hands, you can see photos from events, view the calendar for the upcoming week, and see what your loved one might have for dinner that night.  The mobile app is a great resource to stay informed on Indigo Hall, but it's reach extends far beyond information…

  • Socialization/Sharing

One of the most unique aspects about Connected Living's technology lies within the mobile app's socialization features.

With a very simple and user-friendly social feed, users can connect with each other and share anything!  The two-step verification on all connections ensures that users are connecting with intention and you are only sharing with those you know and trust. Each user also has an impactful feature called, Time Capsule.

Time Capsule allows users to document and record important events, memorable dates, and meaningful stories in their lives.  After inputting your very own logs from life, your Time Capsule displays them in chronological order.

This technology is an incredible tool to help preserve our loved one's legacies and cherish those memories forever.

While teaching seniors about technology is typically seen as an obstacle, we are facing this task and empowering our residents with education and engagement.  We host monthly workshops for residents and family members to attend and learn about these technologies.  The Connected Living technology also pairs with Amazon-Alexa supported devices.  Enabling the "Connected Living" skill on your Alexa device can grant you access to those infinite resources for our community.  Residents can have voice-activated technology in their rooms to help relay information about our community.  After attending one of our education sessions, residents can become familiar with how these technologies work and it encourages them to use their devices more comfortably.

Since embarking upon this partnership and implementing Connected Living's digital solutions, we have seen an uptick in overall community engagement, which has resulted in happier residents.  This is a perfect example of how cutting-edge technology can be used creatively in the senior living industry to enrich quality of life.  We are dedicated to educating the senior population with the help of Connected Living. Our residents enjoy interacting with the technologies on their own personal platform of choice, keeping the Indigo Hall family - our staff, residents and their loved ones - close, connected, and informed.

This partnership is shaping a new era of the customer experience in the senior living industry…and we care to share! Want to learn more? RSVP to attend our next education event about Connected Living.

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