Indigo Hall’s Approach to Healthy Living

At Indigo Hall, we strive daily to provide an active environment that promotes a healthy daily existence in mind, body and spirit. Caring in assisted living means providing our residents with life-enriching activities and programs to help every member of our community to "Live their Best Life."

Activities play a large role in life at our community, with a full schedule of multiple activities or events daily. We strive to provide a variety of physically and mentally stimulating activities for all in our care. Our team of dedicated caregivers encourage and engage our residents to have an active role in our programming to experience the community in its entirety. Incorporating programs to promote wellness in all aspects of health: physical, nutritional, spiritual, mental, emotional and social - are taken into consideration when we develop our monthly calendar. The accumulation of all types of wellness together in a holistic way can lead to a healthier, happier life. So, what does that look like?

"Physical" wellness is the corner stone of wellness. Physical activities are planned and directed by our activities professionals within the Indigo Hall community. These can include exercises planned for the resident's specific needs and abilities, such as improving range of motion, core strength, or balance. Group classes in the community-which also provide an important social outlet for seniors-could include chair exercises, yoga or tai-chi, Sit and Fit, Chair Yoga, Walk and Talk, Gardening among others.

"Nutritional" wellness is essential in a senior living community and we pride ourselves on this aspect of wellness. Our seniors should aim to eat a nutritionally balanced diet that incorporates protein, healthy fats, carbs and fiber. The National Council for Aging Care reports that many seniors lack variety in their diets or have reduced food intake, causing them to miss out on micronutrients that contain vitamins and minerals. Enjoying balanced meals with a variety of ingredients is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nutritional wellness programs at our community include our Chef presenting our residents with healthy choices and educating them on the dietitian approved dining options within our walls. Our guest physicians also typically visit with our residents in person and via Zoom Meetings to explain the importance of nutrition and its influence on seniors.

"Spiritual" wellness plays a major role the sense of community at our building. Spirituality is a great way for seniors to connect and share life experiences. Often times we see that seniors take pride in speaking with younger generations to help guide them on their own spiritual journey. This connection and sense of purpose have been shown to help relieve anxiety, lower blood pressure and improve overall heart health. We advocate for spiritual wellness with activities including weekly streaming sessions of Catholic, Episcopalian, and Presbyterian services.

"Mental" and intellectual wellness activities boost cognitive function, stimulate the brain, and fuel lifelong learning. In our community, seniors might engage in brain games and exercises, book groups, trivia contests, educational seminars, and tech workshops. Often times our staff include music therapy to assist in our resident's mental wellness. Our community has a baby grand piano and some accomplished musicians often bless us with a concert. They say, "laughter is the best medicine" and we love helping our residents smile their way through each and every day.

"Emotional" wellness objectives support our residents for the challenges that come with aging. Seniors need comfort and strength in difficult times-and learning to cope with and adapt to life's changes builds emotional well-being. This support can take the form of grief and mental health counseling, peer groups, informal circles of friends, and interactions with staff members. We also embrace this objective with our Cards for St. Jude program, letters to our troops, and a host of other volunteer opportunities. .

"Social" wellness supports our resident's well-being with increasing social engagement, reducing isolation, and improving seniors' outlook and there's no shortage of opportunities in our active senior living community. Residents enjoy a multitude of social activities like card games, arts and crafts, movie nights, holiday parties, interest-based clubs, daily Happy Hour, bingo, scrabble, virtual reading Buddies and many more!

At Indigo Hall, the wellness and activities department's main goal is to improve the quality of life and preserve the independence of every resident. All senior wellness and fitness programs are designed and taught with a "resident comes first" mentality with safety and practicality at the fore front of each program. To learn more please visit or call us at 843-406-4747 as we look forward to serving you or your loved one.

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